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Sandberg Volvo Case Study

When Sandberg Volvo first called Pacific Energy Solutions (PES), they were initially interested in having maintenance of their existing parking lot lighting done. Sandberg was unhappy with the high failure rate of the existing metal halide lighting, and were frustrated with some speculation by their previous lighting provider that there might be issues with the incoming power causing the high failure rate. During this conversation PES outlined the advantages of new LED technology and educated them about the local utilities (Snohomish County PUD) rebate program for energy efficient lighting upgrades. After a site visit to evaluate the existing lighting condition, PES proposed using 240W LED pole heads to replace the 1000W metal halide pole heads, and 180W fixtures to replace the 1000W wall lights on the building.

The final results of this project were, brighter more consistent light with better color rendering, $11,353 in annual energy savings, $24,890 rebate from PUD (60% of project cost), and no maintenance cost for at least 10 years. The LED fixtures are warranted by the manufacturer for 10 years with a labor allowance. For this project, the customer chose to finance their cost after rebate, which results in a $600 a month positive cash flow.

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