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Royal Building Products Case Study

Recently Pacific Energy Solutions (PES) completed a full facility lighting retrofit for Royal Building Products Everett WA extrusion plant. After Royal evaluated the three proposals that they received, they chose PES to provide and install the proposed lighting solutions. Since Royal had previously done an energy efficient upgrade To T8 and T5HO fluorescent technology, they were aware of the benefits of upgrading to more efficient lighting technology. In the production and warehouse areas, PES replaced all of the existing high bay lighting with new LED high bay fixtures. The exterior wall packs, pole lights and canopy fixtures were also replaced with LED technology. In the office, restrooms and other administrative areas LED tubes were used to replace the existing T8 fluorescent tubes. Using the customer provided operating hours, the lighting upgrade is projected to save an estimated $27,000 per year in energy cost and a substantial amount in ongoing maintenance costs. Along with the impressive energy savings, the new lighting provided much more light so there is better visibility throughout the facility. The local utility (Snohomish County PUD) contributed almost 50% of the project cost in the form of a rebate, so this project will have a very rapid simple payback. This project is just another example of the wide array of industries that PES is able to benefit with current lighting technology.