Utilities across the country face the challenge of providing power to run increasing amounts of devices that consume more and more power. One way that utilities address this challenge, is to promote conservation. Many utilities incentivize customers to conserve energy by offering rebates, grant money and low interest loans for upgrading inefficient equipment including lighting. Utilities find that it is more cost effective to help fund conservation measures than to build new production and transmission infrastructure to deliver more electricity. It isn’t uncommon for utilities to fund 50, 60 or even 70% of the project cost to implement an energy efficient lighting upgrade.

Pacific Energy Solutions (PES) is a trade ally with many of the of the utilities in the NW including Seattle City Light, Tacoma Power, Snohomish County PUD, Puget Sound Energy, Energy Trust of Oregon and BC Hydro. We are also a member of the Northwest Trade Ally Network, which is a collective of professionals in the lighting and utility industries. PES maintains its knowledge of the various rebate programs by attending trade ally workshops and training sessions. Over the years we have built relationships with the utilities customer reps and engineers to obtain the maximum amount of rebate for each project, and to make the rebate application process as easy as possible.
In addition to its relationship with local utilities, PES has also completed projects in at least 25 other states or provinces where we worked with their local utility to research and obtain available rebate funds. If you are considering an energy efficient lighting upgrade let PES be your guide to acquiring the best available rebates and financing.

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A word of caution! Most Utilities require a pre authorization before any materials can be purchased or a project can proceed. Do not forfeit potential rebate monies, contact PES before starting any lighting upgrade project.
















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