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Lighting Design

Our professional design team holds credentials such as the NCQLP http://www.ncqlp.org “Lighting Certified” and a State of Washington Master Electricians license and attends many industry training sessions to keep up to date with the latest lighting technology.

Lighting design is a combination of science, engineering, art, environment and end user needs. Effective lighting design will enhance staff performance, create a safer work environment, and improve quality control. Our Design Team has the experience and knowledge to address all of these considerations when doing a lighting project. Whether it is a new construction, remodel or retrofit project, PES provides lighting design to meet our customers light level, energy saving and budgetary goals. When necessary, our staff utilizes the latest lighting design software to provide light level predictions and/or 3 dimensional renderings of the given space. Another consideration when addressing a lighting project, is the installation component. PES has the field expertise to recognize mounting and suspension obstacles, along with electrical considerations such as voltage, circuiting, control and code requirements. With the evolution of LED lighting technology, now more than ever, it is important to get the design expertise that PES offers.



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