Exterior Lighting Solutions

Energy Efficient Performance Solutions for Exterior Lighting

If you own or manage a commercial or industrial property, it is likely that you have exterior lighting which contributes to your operating costs. Exterior lighting plays a key role for most businesses. Maybe you have product to display to customers at night, or for security reasons you need a well lit exterior. There are also safety concerns for employees and customers alike. A properly lighted parking lot and exterior walkways can enhance the appearance of your facility, attracting customers and preventing injuries and crime. With the recent advancement of lighting technologies it is now possible to better light these exterior areas while reducing energy and maintenance costs. LED lighting is fast becoming an industry standard for many commercial and industrial applications including exterior and area lights. There are also other technologies such as induction, light emitting plasma (LEP) and HO fluorescent that work well for exterior applications. Many electric utilities help commercial customers pay for these types of exterior lighting upgrades in the form of rebates or grants. With typical high run times of exterior lighting, the energy savings and simple pay back can be quite attractive.

Some examples of exterior lighting applications that Pacific Energy Solutions has provided solutions for include stevedoring services, commercial shipping and cross dock, car dealerships, parking garage, shooting ranges, petroleum distribution, multifamily residential security, parking lots and exterior walls.

If you have exterior lighting that currently uses metal halide, high pressure sodium or T12 fluorescent, you owe it to yourself to have Pacific Energy Solutions do an analysis of your facility. We will then present options so you can make an informed decision about what type of exterior lighting would be an appropriate upgrade for your facility.

• Commercial Shipping
• Car Dealerships
•  Parking Garage
•  Shooting Ranges
•  Petroleum Distribution
•  Residential Security
•  Parking Lots
•  Exterior Walls


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