Courtlite Lighting Solutions

Energy Efficient Performance Solutions Lighting for Indoor Tennis, Racquetball and Basketball Courts

Courtlite is a division of Pacific Energy Solutions (PES)

Lighting is a critical element of any sports facility. For starters, the quality of light plays a big role in how your facility looks to potential clients touring the place for the first time. Old fluorescent lights make a facility look dim or dirty, while bright, modern lighting solutions give the place a cleaner appearance and make it more appealing. Additionally, sports lighting affects how people play on the court – the right sports lighting solution will ensure your clients always have a positive experience during their sessions.

Delivering the best possible customer experience is the mandate of any sports facility that wishes to succeed over the long haul. Sports lighting is one critical element of this experience. It’s also worth noting that switching to a state-of-the-art Courtlite system can have a huge impact on your bottom line – we’ve seen energy use reductions of nearly 50% on some of our retrofits. That’s money you can invest into facility upgrades, new staff, and new programming.

Courtlite Sports Lighting Solutions Can Help

Courtlite is an industry-leading provider of sports lighting solutions. Our efficient, attractive, and innovative designs have been shown to improve light quality while reducing overall energy use. Our installation at the Mercer Island Country Club, for example, resulted in a total energy reduction of around 47%. Other projects have seen similar results.

Upgrading your sports lights might not seem like a priority, but the new revenue it can create by impressing new members should not be underestimated. And don’t forget the massive energy savings! We believe that powerful, efficient, and beautiful lighting solutions are an excellent way to freshen up an old facility or to ensure a new facility gets all the positive attention it deserves. Couple that philosophy with the incredible energy savings our solutions provide, and you’ll begin to see how Courtlite can have a huge impact on your business.


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