Energy Efficient Freezer, Refrigeration & Food Grade T5 Lighting Systems

Food Grade Warehouse Lighting Upgrade

Pacific Energy Solutions was one of the first companies to offer an energy efficient alternative to legacy lighting technologies such as high pressure sodium and metal halide. From 2003 until present, we have offered T5HO fluorescent fixtures for applications where temperatures reached as low as -20°F. The key to high performance of the T5HO system in a very cold environment is proper fixture design. T5HO lamps produce their maximum lumen output at around 95°F, so a poorly designed fixture will result in drastically reduced light levels. Our Arcticlite fixtures are designed to retain heat created by the lamps to create a thermal environment within the fixture that results in the lamps operating at maximum light output.

LED lighting technology for the cold storage industry
Given the rapid evolution of LED (light emitting diode) lighting technology, it is now possible to use LED light fixtures for high mounting applications such as warehouse and distribution facilities. And with excess heat being detrimental to the performance of LED, a cold environment is the perfect application for the technology. Most LED drivers and components are rated to operate as low as -40°F so LED lighting will work well for just about every cold storage application. LED lights are instant ON and OFF, so the use of controls is very practical. Occupancy sensors can be used strategically to turn off fixtures in vacant areas, and turn them on as occupants approach.

Proper warehouse lighting can be very complex, as most tasks are visual. Proper lighting plays an important role in the facility’s productivity, quality control, and safety. Pacific Energy Solutions (PES) takes warehouse lighting design to the next level. Using our Arcticlite fixture series and incorporating the latest technology coupled with several control options, we can achieve maximum efficiency and facility performance.

All Fixtures Are Not Created Equal
Fixture construction should be a major part of your decision making process when selecting new lighting for your warehouse. The last thing you want to do is select a lighting solution that may show costly deficiencies down the road. Seriously consider the following.

LED considerations
Like anything else, LED light fixtures vary in quality from one manufacturer to another. The light engine style, driver type, thermal engineering, LM70 testing, life expectancy ratings and lumens per watt ratings are all important considerations when looking at LED lighting. One resource for gathering documented test data, is the Design Lights Consortiums (DLC) qualified products list. This list contains the test data for fixtures produced by different manufacturers. If certain criteria or fixture performance isn’t met a fixture won’t qualify for inclusion on the list. One point of note, is that this list doesn’t necessarily represent that a certain fixture is a quality product, only that it met certain performance standards. It is also important to point out that lumen per watt performance is increasing at a very rapid pace, so fixture performance will only get better going forward. PES continues to offer what we feel are the best LED fixtures on the market.

T5HO considerations
Your Climate: T5 lamps and ballasts perform different, in different temperatures. T5’s are a great solution for temperature ranges from -20° f to as high as 125 f. However, the thermal aspects of the fixture itself impact lamp and ballast performance and life expectancy.

Steel vs. Aluminum: As mentioned above thermal balance is critical to fixture and component performance. The thermal design of a fixture can impact the lamps lumen output as much as 20%-40%. Poor fixture design can also lead to premature ballast failure and fatigue.

Reflector Design: One of the more important components of a T5 fluorescent fixture is the reflector. The success of the T5 lamp is due in part to the lamps small diameter. This smaller diameter allows us to engineer better optics (reflector), and allows us to control the directional output of the lamps. Reflector design also has a huge impact on the thermal performance of the fixture and its components.

Food Grade Lighting: In food processing facilities, every attempt should be made to prevent contamination of the food. It is equally as important, to prevent potential contamination of the packaging. Our food grade fixtures use lenses and/or coated lamps to prevent broken lamps, which would result in fine chards of glass and chemicals that may reach other products in your facility as well as your customers, or even worse, make it to the consumer.

Substantial Energy and Heat Reduction
Our Arcticlite cold storage lighting systems deliver substantial energy savings. If your facility currently uses 250-watt, 400-watt, 1000-watt metal halides or high-pressure sodium (HID) fixtures. Switching to our Arcticlite fixtures will typically result in a 50% energy reduction in freezer applications and potentially higher savings in refers, production, and distribution areas by implementing the use of motion sensors built into the fixtures.
In addition to the wattage reduction, Arcticlite fixtures introduce far less heat into your cold storage facility. HID fixtures burn very hot. Our Arcticlite fixtures run up to 70% cooler than HID fixtures, which can result in an additional 12%-19% energy savings.

Every penny you eliminate from your operating costs is extra profit dropping to the company’s bottom line. PES makes that profit possible, and painless.
No matter what type of Food Production, Storage, or Distribution facility, PES has the energy efficient lighting solutions that will reduce your energy cost, maintenance cost, and improve your facility’s productivity. PES offers a full line of Food Grade lighting products. If you are currently using metal halides, high-pressure sodium, or T-12 fluorescent lighting, contact us today to discuss the opportunities.

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