Arcticlite Ice Arena Lighting

Energy Efficient Performance Solutions Lighting for Ice Rinks and Arenas

Arcticlite Arena Lighting is a division of Pacific Energy Solutions (PES) and a product of the Courtlite Sports Lighting fixture line.

PES offers both LED and T5HO light fixtures for use in ice rink and curling facilities. Choosing light fixtures for these types of facilities takes important consideration of many factors. Some of these factors include Budget, Desired Light Levels, Ambient Temperature, Is Hockey or Lacrosse being played and at what competitive level, are there spectators, and is occupancy control desired or practical.

No matter how well a specific lighting fixture performs it also requires proper placement and location, especially in a sports environment. Sports lighting is not simply based upon light levels (foot candles), but equally important is lighting uniformity, which is often overlooked by non-sports lighting designers. Our design team is one of the most creative in the industry at providing effective sports lighting design with a balance of maximizing lighting performance while achieving energy savings.

If you are seriously considering a lighting upgrade for your Ice skating facility, we urge you to explore our site and discover why Arcticlite Arena Lighting should be your only choice for a high performance ice rink lighting system.

About Arcticlite LED Lighting Products
Arcticlite offers several different LED light fixtures that are suited for use in ice sports facilities. Some of our fixtures are a modular design which gives us the opportunity to customize a lighting system for each client. The fixture modules come in two wattage packages, and up to three modules can be coupled together to create various lumen packages. For applications where maximum side to side distribution is necessary, the modules can be coupled together at an upward angle to increase sideways light throw. Most of our LED fixtures also utilize drivers that include 0-10V dimming, which is a commonly used control method for LED fixtures. LED fixtures are perfectly suited for low temperature applications such as ice arenas. If you are considering LED for a lighting upgrade, let PES be your guide to choosing the best system for your facility.

T5HO Fluorescent Lighting
If you are not ready to make the leap to LED lighting technology just yet, PES also offers their very successful line of Arcticlite T5HO light fixtures. Arcticlite T5HO light fixtures have been installed in ice arenas from coast to coast across North America. Arcticlite T5HO fixtures are specifically designed fluorescent fixtures that are thermally engineered for indoor Ice sports facilities. Simply put, Arcticlite in terms of light output, durability, ease of maintenance, lamp protection, and longevity in these harsh environments should be your first choice for T5HO fluorescent lighting.

Aluminum Construction
Insulated Body
Impact resistant lenses
Optional Wire Guards
Patented Hinged Reflector
Integrated Occupancy Sensors

T8 vs. T5 Fluorescent
Will other fixtures work in cold environments? Of course, but not without significant sacrifices. Rated lumens per watt data vs. actual field conditions is heavily skewed when using both T8 and T5 fluorescent technology in cold temperature applications. However what sets the Arcticlite fixtures apart from the rest is they are designed specifically for cold ambient environments to maximize the potential of the lamp technology. We sell and design both T5 and T8 technology, and each has its place and application. We have compared both technologies in real world applications, and hands down our T5 fixtures have outperformed every T8 fixture we tested in measured light levels, manageability and maintenance cycles in all mounting heights exceeding 18′.

Energy and Heat/BTU Reduction
Our Arcticlite arena lighting systems deliver substantial energy savings. If your facility currently uses 250W, 400W, or 1000Watt metal halides or even T12 fluorescent fixtures, replacing them with an Arcticlite lighting system will typically result in a 50% or more energy reduction.
In addition to the extraordinary wattage reduction, Arcticlite fixtures introduce far less heat into your facility thus reducing your refrigeration loads. HID fixtures burn very hot in comparison to LED or fluorescent fixtures, which operate up to 70% cooler than metal halide fixtures, which can result in an additional 12%-19% energy savings due to BTU reduction.

• Hockey Arenas
• Skating Rinks
• Municipal Facilities
• Sports Arenas


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